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SHATTERED GLASS is a multimedia stage presentation and workshop facilitated by masters-level educator and author, Shaunelle Curry and Harvard trained, seasoned singer/songwriter/recording artist, Kelley Nicole.  Demonstrating the healing power of the arts through spoken word, dramatization, live music, and art, SHATTERED GLASS is "performance with purpose," empowering viewers of all ages, that have been through or been a witness to any type of traumatic or stressful situation, to transcend from a state of victimization to victory!






"And it was not the words that I understood.  It was the incredible Peace."

            - Shairi's Journey Through Darkness Into Light


Taking its participants on a journey from experiencing a unique multimedia presentation, to reacting and discussing its impact, to then creating and presenting their own works of art as therapeutic tools, this workshop helps build and develop core social-emotional competencies that ultimately lead to improved self-image and productive action.  SHATTERED GLASS engages the use of art as an instrument for successfully overcoming oppression, and finding strength, healing, and empowerment in life.